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Peter Fang graduated from Xiamen (University), major in both of Law and English. He is not only a guitarist, but also a famous guitar educator, collector and connoisseur. At present, he is the Managing Director of Xiamen Philharmonic and the president of Fujian Guitar association.

Peter had ever studied with many guitar masters, including Zoran Dukic and Esther Steenbergen and many others. He is frequently invited to be the judge at many important National and International Guitar Competitions. Moreover, he is often invited to give lectures and concerts, including the invitation from Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra, Xiamen University etc. Peter is also an excellent guitar educator.

Peter organized and sponsored many  National and International guitar academic activities and festivals, including the Gulangyu Guitar Festival. He has ever invited Zoran Dukic,Marcin Dylla,Denis Azabagic,JanDepreter,SanelRedzic, Esther Steenbergen,OlgaFranssen,MaartenKoningsberger,OttoVowinkel,GarySouthwell, Xuefei Yang, Alfredo Huang to perform and give master classes in China.

Peter is an accomplished expert in guitar- making and appreciation. His book The Appreciation and Making of the Classical Guitar is by far the first and the only monograph in the field in China.

Peter Fang is also the founder of “GuitarIsland” website, which is one of the most influential classical guitar websites in China. He published a tremendous amount of articles about guitar method, guitar making and music appreciation on the website.

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