Zhengxian Qian(China) 2023GCC

POSTED ON 2016-06-01 10:04 | BY GCC

Zhengxian Qian, head of guitar department in Wuhan conservatory.

Mr Qian Studied classic guitar with professor Zhi Chen in Central conservatory of music, China and received bachelor  of music degree in 2001. He has been performed in many places such as “classical guitar concert” for CCOM’s 50 anniversary in Central conservatory of music. In 2000, he was invited as one of the jury by Fujian music society for it’s guitar competition. In 2004, he founded the guitar department in Wuhan Conservatory.

Mr Qian has participated in festivals including Ligitar international guitar festival (Swiss), Bach guitar festival(Japan), Tianjin guitar festival(China), Guitar Foundation of America festival (USA), Among others. Mr Qian edited the “guitar grades for examination” and published a paper called “Bach in classical guitar world.”


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