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When not performing as a guitarist in Borneo or the Arctic Circle, Gerald Garcia composes music for film and live productions. His '25 Etudes Esquisses' for guitar solo have been recorded for NAXOS by John Holmquist and his music has been played and recorded by David Russell, Craig Ogden, Xue Fei Yang, Kuang Junhong, Su MengJohn Williams,  the Amadeus Duo, the Eden-Stell Duo,  the Tantalus Quartet, the Baltic Quartet, the LAGQ, Charivari Agreable, and violinists Takako Nishizaki, Mohamed Sharara and Vilhelmas Cepinskis, as well as major orchestras in Germany,Hong Kong, Lithuania and Egypt.

His Concerto for 2 Guitars based on themes collected by Garcia Lorca has been performed throughout Germany more than 50 times it has recently been recorded on the Hanssler label by the Amadeus Duo.

His orchestral and choral music has been performed at the Festival for Youth and Music two years running. His concerto for Violin, Guitar and Strings was premiered by Jeanne Christée and Florindo Baldessara at the Bad Munder celebrations in Germany, his work for Early Instrumental ensemble was broadcast in the Slovenia Early Music Festival by Charivari Agréable and his Prelude and Fugue for Accordion and String Quintet - "Signor Scarlatti in Buenos Aires" has been performed throughout Britain by the Oxford Concert Party.

His large scale choral work (Aeneid Fragments) with Brass, organ and timpani was premiered in Teignmouth in May 2003 and he wrote the music for a Carlton TV produc- tion 'Roswitha of Gandesheim' which was broadcast in 2003.

As a producer, he has recorded guitarist Kuang Junhong for the Naxos label and several piano programmes with Mark Hooper.

As a guitarist, he has recorded more than 14 CDs which have sold over 40,000 copies world-wide and plays in an Irish Group, with Simon Mayor s Mandolinquents and in duo with Alison Bendy. 

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