Leo Brouwer (Cuba) 2018GCC

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Composer, conductor, guitarist,academic, pedagogue and event producer, Leo Brouwer stands amongst today's most illustrious musicians. His discography extends to over 750 titles, covering a catalogue of more than 300 compositions across almost every imaginable genre and style. He holds over 300 international awards and distinctions: He is an Honourary Member of UNESCO, the Italo-Latin-American Institute, the Academy of Fine Art of Granada; an Associate Academic of the Royal Academy of Science, Fine Art and Letters of Cordoba; a Member of the Cuban Academy of Language; and the recipient of awards from numerous other prestigious international institutions, including the Manuel de Falla Prize in Spain (1998), Honourary Doctorates from Havana and Santiago de Chile, the National Music Prize of Cuba (1999), the MIDEM Clasico Prize of Cannes (2003) for his Helsinki Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra, the Order of Pablo Neruda (2007), the Goffredo Petrassi Composition Prize (2008), the Cuban National Cinema Prize (2009), and the Tomas Luis de Victoria Ibero-american Music Prize (2010). He has conducted over 100 orchestras and chamber ensembles worldwide, including the Orchestra of Cordoba (1992-2001) and the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba (1981-2003). In Cuba he directed the first music departments of the ICAIC (1960) and the Music Theatre of Havana (1962). He was Founder and Director of the Grupo de Experimentacion Sonora of the ICAIC (1968), and Visiting Composer at the Academy of Arts and Sciences of Berlin (1970). He has been invited to judge numerous international guitar, composition and conducting competitions. Various groups and festivals bear his name, such as the Brouwer Guitar Quartet (USA), Brouwer Trio of Valencia (Spain) and the Leo Brouwer Young Sinfonia (Spain). Since 2005 he has directed the Oficina Leo Brouwer in Havana, under whose auspices he has presented the Leo Brouwer International Guitar Festival of Sao Paulo in Brazil; and in Havana, the Leo Brouwer Chamber Music Festival, Les Voix Humaines Festival and Countertenors of the World Festival.

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