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The  spanish  guitar  virtuoso

Over the last three decades , spanish guitar has undergone a most remarkable transformation . The traditional techniques inherent in this iconic instrument have been influenced and strengthened by an ample variety of schools , trends and styles .

The indisputable pioneer of this revolution is paco de  lucía  (1947-2014). The legendary  spanish guitar master paved the way for other guitarists who have ceaselessly shaped contemporary  spanish  guitar into the uniquely rich and complex musical art of our days .

Javier  conde is the utmost current representative of this young vanguard .

Known as a musical child prodigy , he began his training at the age of four with his father , seasoned guitarist  josé  antonio  conde . javier  conde then continued his studies under the guidance of  andrés  batista .

Conde began performing at the early age of six and has since conquered an impressive series of awards . among some of the most renowned ones are :

 The  1998 young  promises of  spanish  guitar award  (los  cernícalos flamenco  group , jerez de la  frontera , cádiz ),

 The  2002 córdoba  athenaeum  award ,

 The  2003 city of  jaén award ,

 The  2004 bordón minero  award  (cante de las  minas  international festival , la unión , murcia ), with  conde as the youngest honoree in the history of the festival ,

 The 2013 miguel  acàl national  award of  flamenco  critique  , which conde received from the  spanish guitar  master  antonio  fernández díaz‘fosforito’,

  The first award in the  2016 III alcobendas  flamenca  new  talents international  guitar  competition ,

  The  especial  2016 award of the association of spanish artists and performers  (aie, sociedad de  artistas  intérpreteso  ejecutantes de españa )

Conde has collaborated with important artists such as  andrés  batista , manolo sanlúcar , víctor  monge  ‘serranito ’, gerardo  núñez , rafael  riqueni , Enrique  de melchor and the prestigious filmmaker  carlos  saura . he has also worked along artists from other musical genres suchas  john  paul  jones  (led  zeppelin ) and elíades  ochoa  (buena vista social club ) in the 2009 africa  express  festival and the 2009 womad festival  (london , uk).

Conde has taken partin shows sabicas and retrospectiva (‘retrospective ’) by gerardo núñez . He has also collaborated with flamenco dancer carmen cortés in mujeres de lorca (‘l orca’ swomen’) and  la  gitanilla  (‘the  little  gipsy girl’) (2015). Moreover , he featured in  carlos  saura ’s  flamenco  india as first guitarist as well as in the famous madrid flamenco stage  café de chinitas .

Conde has created two exquisite shows : maestros yestilos  (‘masters and  their styles’) and  el flamenco y su vibrante mundo (‘flamenco and its vibrant  world’).

He has held concerts in spain , usa, canada , brasil , costa  rica , cuba , italy , france , croatia , czech  republic , united  kingdom , germany , sweden ,  ustria , the netherlands , belgium , hungary , romania , japan , lebanon and north africa .

He currently has four records as a guitar soloist : homenaje a los grandes de la guitarra flamenca (2000,‘a tribute to the great spanish guitar masters ’), envivo desde el festival de la danza de lyon (2008,‘live from  lyon dance festival ’), temas andalucesy flamencos by the spanish master andrés batista (2014,‘andalusian and flamenco themes ’) and sabikerando (2015), a tribute to  sabicas .

Moreover , he has collaborated in a dozen of records along several artists from a variety of musical genres.

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