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The aim of this contest is to encourage composers to write for the guitar and to expand the repertoire for the instrument.


1. The composition competition for the year 2017 will require an original solo work within 8 minutes (at least 6 minutes).

Compositions submitted should never have been published or performed in a public concert, never played or posted on social networks or other media before the Award ceremony in July.

Works will have to be written for 6 (six) strings guitar.

2. The competition is open to composers of any nationality, without any age restrictions. A composer can submit more than one work, but each work should be entered separately.

3. To apply, contestants have to send the following electronic files for each

piece they submit:

    a) A pdf version of the score. They must not contain any information or reference that might allow identification of the author. The score must display the title

of the piece, a nickname, and must indicate the approximate length of the

    b) A recording of the work which uses the selected nickname as the title of the electronic file. This recording should be in a standard electronic format such as mp3.

    c) A pdf file of the completed application form whose title should be the same as the nickname in the score. The completed application form must have all the following:

        – signed declaration that the composition is unpublished

        – a recent photo of the composer

        – curriculum vitae

        – a copy of the payment document of the entry fee.

The three electronic files must be sent to the following email address by 10 July 2017:

Email address for submissions: gcc@guitarfield.org

In every case the date indicated by the email will be regarded as the time of posting.

Failure to observe any of the regulations published above may result in exclusion from this competition. All written material should be printed clearly in block letters and in one of the official languages of the competition (English, Mandarin Chinese).

4. The entrance fee for the competition is 20 US dollars (twenty) for the
first work, and for all the other compositions sent by the same composer the fee will be 15 US dollars (fifteen). (One composer can send more than one work to the contest).

5. The competition will be adjudicated by Maestro Leo Brouwer and Dr. Kenneth

Kwan. Their decision will be final and non-contestable. The winning prize cannot be divided.

6. The winning work will be performed in the 2018 Changsha Guitar Festival by the winner of the 2017 Changsha International Guitar Competition.

The total cash amount is 1,500 US dollars (one thousand five hundred).

The winning piece will be published by Les Productions d'OZ or Les Éditions Doberman-Yppan, probably the biggest publishers of guitar music under their normal commercial arrangements for composers.

7. The announcement of the winning work will be made on 19th July 2017 on the stage at the award ceremony of the Changsha International Guitar Competition.

8. The application to participate in the competition confirms that the contestants unconditionally accept all the rules and regulations currently established.

9. In the event of any disagreement or difference of opinion concerning the rules, the only valid text will be the present announcement in English. 

Payment Method 

1、Paypal: hncshq@163.com



3、WeChat Pay:


When making a payment, please indicate Your name in the “remark” column

3、Bank transfer 
Account: 6212  2619  0100  2602  397 
Beneficiary name: He Qiong 
Bank of deposit: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Shaoshan Road Branch, Changsha, Hunan

Tel:+86731-8517 7877  
Contacts:Mrs. Deng

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