Zhang Weiliang (China) 2017GCC

POSTED ON 2017-06-01 17:34 | BY GCC

Zhang Weiliang, born in Su Zhou, Jiangsu Province in 1957, is a famous Xiao performer (Xiao is a vertical bamboo flute) and professor of China Conservatory of Music. He is currently the subdean of the Instruments Department of the China Conservatory of Music, the head of the Hua Xia Chamber Ensemble, the Vice President of China  Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles,and the Honorary Professor of Southeast University of Nanjing.

Mr. Zhang, as both composer and performer, is a musician full of charm. He is so established in composing and playing flute, Xiao and Xun (an ancient holed wind instrument) that he has been known as one of the world's best Xiao performers. He has participated in various major performances in China, and has also performed in many countries like Philippines, Austria, France, Britain and Hong Kong in which his performances are all well-acclaimed.

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