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Dancer and choreographer born in Madrid. She completed her Spanish dance and Flamenco studies in the Royal Dance Conservatory in Madrid with distinction.

She also studied in the renowned Flamenco studio “Amor de Dios” in Madrid with great Flamenco masters such as Merche Esmeralda, Blanca del Rey, Belén Maya, Lola Greco or Rafaela Carrasco, as well as completing her contemporary dance and ballet studies.                                                                                        

She was invited by Rojas and Rodriguez to the “Nuevo Ballet Español” as a soloist. Later on, she joined as the principal dancer, the company “Antonio Najarro”, nowadays the director of the Spanish National Ballet.

Additionally, she continued to collaborate in different projects with the Flamenco Company “Carmen Cortés” and the Capitole theatre in Toulouse, France.        

She was chosen to play the leading role of the "Belle andalouse” in the musical “Don Juan” by Felix Gray, performing in the main theatres of Seoul (South Korea)  

Maria also collaborates as guest dance artist for YAMAHA international.

In her role as a teacher, she has been invited, as a Flamenco and Spanish Dance teacher, by several organizations, such as the Hispanic Ballet (New York), Detroit dance center (U.S), Franconville Theatre (Paris), the Belém Cultural Center (Lisbon), Spanish Dance Society (London), and Morley College (London) among others.

She started her career as a choreographer creating “Recuerdos del alma” chosen for the Spanish and Flamenco Dancing Choreography Contest and was presented in the Albéniz Theatre in Madrid.

She created the choreography “Solo dos” exclusively for a commemorative act in the Eiffel Tower  in Paris. “Tierra de nadie” and “Y yo sigo tu Luz”, were the following solo pieces performed in shows alongside international dance stars in Portugal and England.

As the guest artist of the Classical Orchestra of Madeira, she interpreted pieces from the traditional Spanish repertoire such as the “El Baile de Luis Alonso” and “La Vida Breve”.  

In 2014, she creates the show “De azabache y plata” still on tour, alongside the Spanish composer Javier Coble. Her Flamenco London based company "Maria Vega Dance Company" was formed in 2016. The company, formed by nine internationally renowned artists is currently touring with the show "A Dancer's Journey".

Maria has appeared on TV in several occasions, NBC, Channel 5, Arte Channel. She is being lately seen on Sky TV and in the film 'Spanish Dancer, London Life' by Richard Dunkley. A documentary film that follows Maria over three years as she moves to London to start a Flamenco/Jazz/Contemporary Fusion Dance company and creates her stage show.

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